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My Happiness Project: Fun And Not Fun (A List)

My Happiness Project is a personal quest to bring more happiness into my everyday life.  As I continue to explore, experiment and write about My Happiness Project, I hope that you would share your happy experiences and thoughts with me.

Like Gretchen Rubin did in her book, The Happiness Project, I decided to make a list of activities that I consider fun and and a list that I don’t consider fun.  The idea is the do the fun things and don’t waste my time doing the things that are not fun.  This is my list.  Your list will be different.  Don’t judge me.


Playing board games. (Except Monopoly; it’s a bloodbath in my family.)

Riding roller coasters.



Reading a book.

Going for a walk.

Hooping (as in hula).

Playing with my dog.

Singing out loud.


Dancing with abandon.

Talking – in person – to friends.

Going to art museums.

Seeing live theater productions.

Going to the hardware store.

Getting a pedicure.

Playing Wii Just Dance.



Talking on the phone.

Getting a manicure.

Participating in a cold-weather sport.


I’m running in a 5k fundraiser for the kids’ school.  Never. Again.

Do you have a defined list of what you consider fun and not fun activities?

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  • I agree on the running. But I sure wish I loved it!! My husband does, but no matter how long I tried or how far I ran, I still hated it.

  • I agree… cooking is not fun, but I love to bake. I would rather whip up a homemade batch of chocolate chip cookies over cooking a meal any day. I have actually found myself baking while my family is asking me what is for dinner!

    • My family (well, my sweet-toothed daughter anyway), would prefer a homemade batch of cookies over dinner any night!

  • My not fun list includes washing dishes, getting tickled, and several other things.

  • I really like this concept! I need to make my list because I really need a lot more fun in my life for sure!

  • *dead* at your “Not Fun” list. Hilarious. So you. What a great exercise. I shall embark upon this challenge and create my own list so that I can have more fun!

    • LOL Shameeka “so me”, in light of last night’s Facebook conversation about getting my nails done. Not fun!

  • Oh, but you look so FABULOUS running. Tee hee hee.

    Loving the lists.

    Winks & Smiles,

    • Oh Lorraine you are funny…I look like I’m in pain. I was. YOU are the running princess :-).

  • I like your list! Your fun list is so long. It definitely makes me want to create my own. Such a drastic difference between your happy photo and your not happy photo.

  • I don’t have a list, but I should make one.

    I can tell you, however, that you and I completely agree on one of your not fun items: running. I’ve tried it, but truly I tell you, NOT FUN.

    • Darcie, we can NOT RUN together. A nice walk will do.


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