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My Happiness Project: Small Things That Make Me Happy

My Happiness Project is a personal quest to bring more happiness into my everyday life.  As I continue to explore, experiment and write about My Happiness Project, I hope that you would share your happy experiences and thoughts with me.

This post was inspired by a question in Real Simple magazine.  In one of my favorite features, every month the magazine asks a question, encourages readers to respond and then prints the readers’ answers.  I have never given Real Simple my answers to their questions, but I often answer them on my own.   This question fits right in with My Happiness Project: What is the One Small Thing That Always Makes You Happy? It’s an excise in appreciating the small, everyday things that bring us joy.

Here are 3 things in my everyday life that make me happy:

1. Really good iced tea.  Nordstrom Bistro, one of favorite lunch spots, has really good iced tea.   I must say that this is a benefit to living in The South; it is almost a law that an eating establishment must serve iced tea.  The only bottled tea that I will drink is Sokenbicha’s Alive or Defend.   It’s unsweetened, has zero calories and is purely delicious.  I have at least 1 a day.

I can be such a nerd about office supply products.  I’m saying this to preface my next 2 Small Things That Always Make Me Happy.

2. Good writing instruments.  I hide my pens and pencils from my family.   They will write with anything, like crappy bank freebies, so why should I share my carefully bought pens and pencils? (I must add a caveat to the crappie freebies: Ritz-Carlton and St. Regis hotels both have great pens.)  Right now my favorite pen is Uniball 201 Retractable Medium-Point Gel Pen.  It has a smooth flow of ink; there’s no hesitation or ink drips.  I like the finger grip and the retractable-ness prevents leaks (and makes a snappy sound too).  See, I told you that I’m an office supply nerd.

My pencil of choice is the Papermate Sharpwriter #2 Mechanical Pencil.   I originally bought them for my children, but fell in love with the always sharp point.  Sharpening wood pencils grates my nerves.

3. Pretty file folders.  The file folders that I keep on my desk, the folders that I use everyday, are much more pleasant to use if they are pretty.  I have gotten some lovely folders from See Jane Work in the past, but my latest set came from Staples; there are many more mas-produced decorative office supplies than there used to be.  Since I spend many hours a day at my desk, this small thing really brightens my day.

These are a few small things that make me happy and as I continue my journey to happiness, I will mindfully look for more.  What about you; what are the small things that make you happy?

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  • Do you have a suggestions for a Funki pocket protector of some sort? Maybe something for your purse? I lose pens all the time and nothing chic.

    • Hmmm Dawn…no funki pocket protector that I know of, but if I am carrying several pens I put them in a really cute pencil holder, you know the kind kids take to school. They have come a long way since we were in school–much more fashionable!

  • So glad to know I’m not the only one who hoards my pens from my family! I too am a uniball gel pen convert – love ’em. And the pretty file folders, I buy them by the dozens in Target’s $1 bin because they make me smile when I use them. It’s definitely the little things that make a difference in one’s day.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Stylishly yours,

    • Kalyn, now how did I know that you would be fussy about pens as well? Maybe because of your beautiful stationary company. 🙂

  • Heyy…

    I get the water at Wild Oats or Whole Foods.

    Here’s the link to the Almond Paste. There is a local Santa Maria Novella store here. I’m glad to pick up some for you if there’s not a local retail outlet in your hood..

    • Thanks Jewel! I typed the herbal water in my Qrocery IQ app and it came up before I even finished typing. It’s on my shopping list for the next trip to Whole Foods.

      And I’m going to look for the Santa Maria Novella. 🙂

    • Okay Jewel, that IS pricey, but I think that would make a lovely gift for me…perhaps for Mother’s Day. I will put a bug in my family’s ear. 🙂

  • What a great concept–to find little things to be happy about in everyday life. I shall try it, as I tend to catch myself complaining far more than I should.

    Small things that make me happy:

    *Ayala’s Herbal Water–zero calories, zero artificial, zero preservatives. it comes in many flavors, but I LOVE the Ginger Lemon Peel!

    *Remi-D Cucumber Tea Tree Hand Sanitizing Spray–In the last few years, I have become TOTALLY addicted to hand sanitizer. This is one of my faves.

    *Santa Maria Novella’s Almond Paste–because of above said addiction, my hands are always dry. This paste is the best thing since sliced bread. A bit pricey, but I guarantee that once you try it, you’ll become a lifer, like me!

    • Do tell, Jewel–where can we buy these things? The Ginger Lemon Peel water sounds delicious and I love a good hand creme.


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