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Why I Decided To Unloc My Locs

I had talked about doing it for two years.  But it was a big step so I took my time deciding. I researched online, watched Youtube videos, read blog posts, had several salon consultations and talked to a few friends who had unlocked their hair.   It was a long journey to loc my hair and I felt that the decision to unloc my locs deserved the same consideration.

There were many reasons why I finally decided to do it: my locs were heavy, swimming was a drag (literally), I wanted to connect with my daughter and her loose natural hair, and mainly, I wanted to shake things up.  A woman needs to reinvent herself every so often; it keeps life interesting.

There was fear.  How would my hair look unloc’d after all these years?  For 12 years everyone pretty much defined me by my hair.  It was a conversation piece; the attention was both nice and unnerving.  It’s amazing how many people made assumptions – both good and bad – about me just because I had dreadlocks.   In the end I decided that however I looked without locs would be okay; I am not my hair.  And besides, I often like to do the very thing that causes me fear.

My husband was against it.  I did not take that fact lightly and in fact, it was a major decision why I waited two years – hoping that he would come around.   I didn’t discuss my decision with anyone else because I did not want their opinion – everyone always has an opinion.  Instead I picked two weeks in January when I didn’t have many outside obligations, blocked off several hours each day and slowly unloc’d my hair.  I watched a lot of movies.

When I was finally finished, I was surprised that I was not emotional.  Even though I had made a clear decision to do it, I was prepared to feel loss.  Instead I looked in the mirror and said, “I know you.”  It was me 12 years ago.  It was me today.  With locs or  without locs, it’s still me.

Sherrelle with locs

this is what I looked like before

Sherrelle & Chili Dawg http://iamsherrelle.com

this is what I look like now

It’s an adjustment, this new hair.  I have to allow more time to get ready in the morning and schedule ample time to wash my hair. I have spent a small fortune on hair care products.  On a recent trip near the beach I discovered that humidity is not my friend (summertime in Atlanta should be very interesting).  And I still don’t think my husband is quite there yet.  It’s sort of daunting and it’s sort of fun.  But it’s all good.

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  • You are beautiful both ways.

  • Either way you still beautiful and courageous…..as long as you are happy……..

  • Love love and LOVE. I’ve been observing your locs online for years and now to see this new reveal is stunning. You can wear your hair in any style. Rock it!! I’m so excited for you!


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