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How To Organize Your Purse With Walker Bags

I am such an organizing nerd. I was positively giddy when my new Walker bags arrived in the mail. Now I could organize my purse like I’ve always dreamed!

I bought my first Walker bag at Therapie in New York City, which is sadly out of business.   I bought another one at a store on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica, California.  I always find Walker bags at high-end drugstores or apothecaries, but I bought these online.  The selection was incredible and I spent an insane amount of time grouping and measuring my items to make sure I got the correct size bags.  I owned 2 already and bought 4 more.  I love the fun colors! The bags are now filled with all the contents of my purse.

walker color mesh pouches - http://iamsherrelle.com

I hate digging in my purse to find something.  Now the only things not contained in a Walker bag are my wallet, sunglass case and reusable shopping bag.

See, organizing nerd.


How to organize your purse with Walker bags. - Sherrelle

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