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The Best Way To Organize T-shirts

Today I’m linking up to Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop by answering the prompt: Something you learned this week.  

This week I learned the best way to organize t-shirts and it changed my life.  I know, that sounds so dramatic!  I’m a pretty organized person, so for me that say that, it’s got to be good.  I am always looking for ways to make my home more organized.  That’s why when I stumbled across this way of organizing my t-shirt drawer, I tried it right away.  Some would think this is anal, but I like to think of organization as freeing; when my physical space is organized it frees my mind to think, dream and create without the clutter of “where did I put my keys.”  So much noise in disorganization.  So much calm and focus in organization.

This is the best way organize your t-shirts. - Sherrelle

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  • Nice post…I like to use bar soap to fragrance my drawers. When I forget to add bar soap to the grocery list, I can tip toe out of the shower straight to my underwear drawer and I’m good. lol

    • What a good use for soap!

  • Smart!! I love this idea!

  • Yaaass! No truer words has ever been spoken! “So much noise in disorganization. So calm and focus in organization.” Sigh… Someone gets me! Lol…my family doesn’t get me when I say “I can’t think clearly in a junky house”. Also I started organizing my sons drawers like that months ago cause the piles I make gets destroyed all the time. This way works well with shorts or pants too.

    • Today I am going to help my daughter organize her very messy room – I think this way of folding will help her because she has very big long drawers under her bed. I get you!!

  • Yes. This: –> “So much noise in disorganization. So much calm and focus in organization.”

    I cannot move forward until I know that everything is in its place. It’s a blessing and a curse to be this way.

    • It frees the mind! Everyone around us is blessed to have us in their life 🙂

  • I think of organization as freeing also.

    Thanks for sharing about T shirt organization. I daresay we all could use it!


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