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Atlanta’s Best Burger: Ann’s Snack Bar “Ghetto Burger”

Everyone in my family is a food critic!  First there was my son’s review of Flip Burger and now my husband, writes his first restaurant review of Ann’s Snack Bar Ghetto Burger for 

Ann’s Snack Bar: Atlanta’s Best Burger 

By James Andrews

My family is always on the quest for a good burger.  As the family leader I think that I am the cause of this; I was brought up in California which many call the capital of all burgers.  McDonald’s, Bob’s Big Boy and In And Out Burger were all birthed in California.  And those are just the mainstream/commercial burgers.

But the hoods of California– that’s where the best burgers are found.  From Nation’s and Quarter Pound Burger  in The Bay Area hoods to Quick N Split and Mo Better Meatty Meat Burgers (the best turkey burger ever) in Los Angeles, I have tasted the best.

Upon moving to Atlanta my family had been hearing about Ann’s Snack Bar and the “World Famous Ghetto Burger” so today we decided to give it a try.   Joining us in the hood on Memorial Drive East was our friend Matt Arnett and his two kids.


When you arrive at Ann’s Snack Bar  you can almost guarantee that there will always be a wait.  Why you ask?  Mainly because Miss Ann has a protocol; you do not come inside the kitchen, you wait in the patio area with all the others until you are asked for your order.  Not knowing this protocol, we arrived hungry and immediately went to the door where the other patrons stopped us dead in our tracks with a “You have to wait, sir.”

Put off a bit, we retreated to the wire seats in the waiting area with all of the others.  It only took a little while for us to realize that there was a “Miss Ann’s Snack Bar Protocol” and soon we were mentoring the other patrons who came behind us and weren’t familiar with the “house rules” (think of the “Soup Nazi” from Seinfeld and you have a good idea). When we finally had our chance to order, of course I ordered the “World Famous Ghetto Burger” but opted out of the chili; the chili-cheese fries that I had coming was enough.

Now while ordering is the first part of the protocol, waiting is the second.   After a good 35 minute wait (which included a trip to the package store for a few bottles of Tahitian Treat) a tap on the window signaled me to retrieve our order.   I rushed to pick up the red trays which resembled the old school cafeteria “china” you remembered as a kid.

The first burger that I grabbed was the “Ghetto Burger with chili” that my 13 yr old son ordered.  It was by far the biggest burger that I have ever seen.   The thing was so huge that it scared the people waiting and made my wife shriek.


My “Ghetto Burger” (no chili, but I kept the bacon) was big and juicy also.

I took my first bite; the very well seasoned and hand-formed patty was a pleasure to sink my teeth into.  The best way to describe it is “a Momma Burger on steroids.”   Matt Arnett commented that the bun was nothing special, but a burger of this size required a solid bun.  It is clear why Miss Ann gives you plenty of napkins and forks and knives as tools for the meal as it is plenty messy.   I barely made it through the burger but I was determined and I’m happy to say I’m conquered it.

The entire experience of the fantastic burger and Miss Ann’s protocol makes this a must do in Atlanta. This is definitely the biggest and top 3 burgers I have ever had; clearly I have been to the mountain top.   The rumor around town is that Miss Ann is retiring in May, so I must go back soon.

Update: Miss Ann passed away in 2015.  She will be missed.


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  • Hey! I googled this blog and it was hilarious and very true. I just went on vacation to Georgia and had the exact experience. Every minute was worth the wait…at least my first time. I had no idea the place was famous when I went but was happy to brag to co-workers when I got back with photos. OH and, Ms Ann does NOT have a rule that you have to eat the whole burger all at once, I ate mine over two days. and please please do not forget to leave a tip! She may be a burger Nazi but she is old working in a hot greasy kitchen for hungry impatient customers!!! (Yes, I did leave a tip)

    • My husband, who wrote the review, went again recently and the wait was over 2 hours, so I guess we were lucky that first day! The last word on her retirement is that she’s waiting for a buyer.

  • Girl we need to go to some of these restaurants together that would be fun! Lets do lunch one day!

  • Holy crap! That’s a big a#@ burger – smiles! For some reason Goodie Mob’s “Soul Food” is playing in my head.

    Winks & Smiles,

  • Now I regret not going there when I lived in the ATL…You guys are hilarious!

  • James,
    I think your re-telling of our experience pretty well sums it up. Though I would add that for the smaller stomachs in the group, Ann does make a pretty mean hot dog (to which you can add chili, slaw, cheese, or, of course, all of the other typical hot dog accouterments), and smaller hamburgers (though the word small may not be the most appropriate here). Enjoy

  • Good point, Matt. Of course I didn’t have the Ghetto Burger because I could never eat that much meat; I had the single burger, which like you said, was still huge.

    We got my dad all riled up to go and just a note to all, she’s not open on Sundays.


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