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21 Songs To Soundtrack Your Summer Sixteen

Summertime! Laying by the pool, going for a drive or on the rooftop deck – whatever I’m doing this summer there will be music.   A few songs will always be summertime classics like Summertime by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince and Saturday In The Park by Chicago, but every year I collect new favorites and make a summer playlist.  This year’s list is particularly good – music mostly from 2015 and 2016, with a few really good older songs.  21 songs to soundtrack your summer sixteen.  Your summer begins now.

*I tried to find the clean versions where available, but there are a few songs where I didn’t.

21 Songs To Soundtrack Your Summer Sixteen


Let’s start off with some groovy, sort of chill songs.

Now let’s pick it up the pace a bit. If you were just chair dancing before, get to your feet.  I restricted myself to only two Disclosure songs on this list but all of the albums are great.

My summer playlist wouldn’t be complete without hip-hop.  We’ll start slow before getting all the way crunk.  Oh and by the way, if you haven’t heard Chance The Rapper’s album yet, I insist that you do.

If you want this playlist, you can find me on Spotify.  What’s your soundtrack to summer sixteen?

*I was inspired to write this post from Mama Kat’s Writer’s workshop.

Soundtrack your summer - 21 songs for summer sixteen.

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  • Although I couldn’t help but notice you are severely lacking in the Taylor Swift department. 😉

  • I love how you created this with the samples embedded into the post. It was fun to listen to!

  • Thanks so much for sharing your playlist! I am subbing a few cycle classes this summer and will definitely add a few of these songs 😊

  • I feel really out of it and old because I do not recognize one song! I think my list would be songs that were popular in the decades I lived through. The 70s is my favorite! Stopping by from Mama Kat’s.

    • Saturday In The Park by Chicago is one of my most favorite summertime songs! I grew up in Chicago and it captures a summer day in Grant Park so well.

  • I will be checking this out for sure! Thanks for sharing, there’s a lot of stuff that will be new to me.

  • Your love of music shows. Enjoy your summer playlist.


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