Road trippin to Orlando

Road Trippin’ To Orlando

We’re on another road trip to Florida; this time to Orlando to see our favorite mouse.  The problem is, everyone has the same idea and traffic is ridiculous.  If you follow me on Twitter, you would see that I’m not handling it too well either.  The kids, they’re fine; it’s me who’s going crazy.  So in an effort to get my mind off the fact that we have traveled five miles in one hour, I made a video and did a Skirt! 24/7 interview.

Road Trip Beats

24/7 with Sherrelle and Family

Skirt! is one of my favorite monthly newspapers; I always read it from cover to cover and I particularly enjoy the 24/7 page.  I have known a couple of people featured. But since I have yet to be featured on the 24/7 page, each moth I interview myself.   While stuck in the car, I thought it would be fun for all of us to answer some of the 24/7 questions (my son was being all “teenage-ry” and didn’t participate.)

Words I live by:

James: “The difference between me and you is that I make this look good.” -Will Smith, Men in Black

Me: “It is not enough to do your very best; you must do what is required of the situation.” –Cathy Hughes

I can’t live without:

Girly: Marcus (my stuffed dog)

James: music, my iPhone

Me: sunshine, sleep

One thing I never want to do again:

Girly: be sick in the hospital

James: leave for Florida during Spring Break late in the morning

Me: be a teenager (although it was much easier than being a parent of a teenager!)

If I could be totally wild:

Girly: I would stand on my head all day

James: quit my job and coach AAU high school basketball

Me: be a beach bum in St. John

The most important thing I ever lost:

Girly: the cutest dog (Tiger Lilly, a therapy dog who helped me when I was in the hospital)

James: my Grandfather’s WWII uniform

Me: my trust in people

I’d like to learn to:

Girly:  knit

James: speak Portuguese

Me: play the guitar

I wish I’d known:

Girly: Mommy before I was born

James: that Google was going to be so big (I would have bought stock)

Me:  that I might have wanted a third child

Something most people don’t know about me:

Girly: that I can dance really good

James: that I am irrationally afraid of birds

Me: I spilled my guts already

My first job:

James: a paper route for the Oakland Tribune, as a teenager I worked in a deli and my  first “real” job was for Wild West records

Me: a Keebler Elf, as a teenager I worked in a candy shop and in college as a Teaching Assistant


Girly: forget to Twitter once a day    *(now that’s she our kid or what?)

James: start the day without a game plan

Me: be afraid to speak your mind

I’m guilty of:

Girly: eating too many sweets

James: keeping my phone on during the whole airplane ride

Me: speaking my mind maybe too much

If I were a super hero/heroine I would:

Girly: be Animal Girl and translate animal talk

James: go inside people’s minds and look at their motives

Me: save the world from mediocrity.  Oh wait…I already do that!

We finally made it to Disney World after a very long drive.

You can read all about our vacation in How To Plan A Trip To Disney World and you may also like another fun family video A Road Trip To Savannah.


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  • This was too cute thanks for the shout out!

  • that was hot!!!

  • Love the video! Say hi to Minnie for me.

    Winks & Smiles,

  • It was awesome! We like the song.

  • Hilarious! I love it! Have fun guys 🙂

  • I could totally jam to that family song. That was cute.

  • you guys are never boring…. that is for sure!

  • Oh, that was great. Keep us updated on the trip. Hope you leave at midnight (or 4am or whatever) for the return trip!

  • Ahh so cute and precious. I wish you the best on your trip!! xoxo I love all the sayings you shared! xoxo


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