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A Road Trip to Savannah (welcome to my family sitcom)

This was supposed to be a simple road trip to Savannah; a mere 4 hours away from Atlanta.  Our goal was to leave at 8:00 a.m, but when we started loading the car at 11:00 a.m. our road trip comedy of errors began.  Welcome to my family sitcom.

*I wrote blog posts about our trip (the normal parts) to Savannah and Amelia Island.


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  • Loving the blog! Nothing like a family trip to, urrr, ummm, bring everyone closer together 🙂

  • Oh my this is sooo my family.except we have 3 kids and we would totally be arguing over the sounds I would have the 80’s music going and my hubby like yours would have a ipod filled with Spanish music,We are leaving Augusta,GA on the 2nd going into Florida and I can only imagine the drama we are getting ready to go through..But I know it will make great memories as my hubby is about to head back over seas for one year..Thanks for sharing..Your an amazing mama..


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