Oh Well.

Oh Well.

Today was supposed to be the day.  The day that I finally started exercising again since mid-December.  The day that I checked off at least 5 items on my incredibly long to do list.  The day that I got back on schedule after a solid month of long aimless days, late nights and late risings due to Winter Break and Snowmageddon.  The house is quiet today, with just me and Chili Dawg here.   Right now I should be done exercising and blazing through my list and filling up my calendar.

Instead it’s 2:00 p.m. and I still haven’t exercised.  I spent the last 2 hours creating a new exercise schedule, so that’s something, if not actually something to break a sweat.  I located and read my contract on my current gym and saw that yes, I can leave without penalty and join the YMCA.  That task was not on my list, but now I can make that awesome new exercise schedule come to life.

And although I only meant to read for 20 minutes while eating lunch, I read a few extra chapters of This Must Be The Place, which is a really good book and hard to put down.

Oh well.

I think that’s going to be one of my new year’s sayings: oh well.   I really need to cut myself some slack sometimes, you know?  I can really be quite crazy with all my stuff to do, lists and excel spread sheets of all my projects and need to yell, “Back off lady!” to myself sometimes.  “Oh well” works too.

Like this morning.

This morning I woke thinking, “Ugh, I hate getting up.”  But then I remembered one of my New Year’s Resolutions is to “be happier in the mornings,” so I prayed for strength and a better attitude.  It worked and I sang and danced while getting the kids up and ready for school.   Then I went downstairs and my daughter said, “I stepped in something grainy on the floor.”   That would be dog poop, honey.  You stepped in dog poop.  See, it’s on the bottom of this shoe right here.

Someone had stepped in dog poop last night and tracked it in the house…through the house to be exact.  Someone had ignored my suggestion of removing outside shoes in the hall entryway.   Someone had instead walked into the living room and kitchen with poop on their shoes.   Someone was not me, but now me had to clean it up.   Me, who up until that moment was singing and dancing her way to a better morning attitude, was now scowling, ranting and vigorously mopping.  Me, who does not mop.  Me, who was now very unhappy and showing it.

The first day of “be happier in the mornings” was not successful.  The first day of “exercise everyday” didn’t happen.  The first day of “be super productive while the kids are in school and write 3 blog posts a week and be get through that list by the end of March and publish this book and do that thing that I’ve been talking about and….” didn’t happen.

Oh well.

Back off lady!

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  • Oh man. Sounds a lot like my house on any given morning. It sounds really weird, but truthfully, I love reading about other people’s “dog poop” stories. Of course, everybody has their own dog poop to mop. Broken spaghetti sauce jar to clean up. Overturned orange juice jug to…you get the idea. One of my favorite parts of reading blogs is that you get a glimpse into the kitchens (living rooms, dens) of other families and you realize that everyone else is trudging through the same stuff. And, often times, tracking it all through the house. 😉

    I hope that now–two days later–you’ve found your groove.

    • If memory serves me correctly Darcie, you are getting a puppy soon. So you will have literal dog poop to clean up (as well as all the other dog poop in life…orange juice, spaghetti jars). As for my groove….I am getting there. Now, off to read about Guadeloupe on your blog!

  • Kudos to you for taking the time that you need. I think that “oh well” is a good mantra during those times when you have to go with the flow….

  • Hurray for avoiding the things that really need to get done! Hey, at least you put ON the gym clothes. You’re one step closer to working out tomorrow. Great job singing and dancing this morning. I had to pray myself out of the bed as well. So “back off, lady” because there will always be dog poop!

    • Krystal, you always get right to the heart of things: “there will always be dog poop.” So true, so true.

  • Just take it one day at a time. I think you need a “me” day, cut yourself some slack. Maybe start your “me” day by going to the gym and then going to the spa ….

    Stylishly yours,

    • Kalyn, that sounds like an EXCELLENT idea! Yoga class and a facial; yes!

  • Oh well. Reminds me of one of my favorite sayings. It is what it is. You’ve read and created a blog post. You’re doing a lot already.


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