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Love At First Sight: Ash Italia Shoes

I’m not one to make pop decisions when it comes to fashion purchases; I like to look at all the options and weigh my choices.  Often times I take a photo of the item in question and ponder it for a few days before actually buying it (or not).   But sometimes I come across an item that is just so right, so me, that I don’t need to think at all.  That happened with a pair of Ash Italia shoes.

My family and I were on vacation in NYC.  We were walking through the East Village on our way to Nicky’s Vietnamese Sandwiches….except we didn’t quite know where it was.   In true form my husband kept saying “it’s not far, just around the corner” as he held his iPhone straight-armed in front, Google Maps leading the way.   Meanwhile, my daughter and I were losing steam.  We had been walking all day in the rain and we were tired.  And hungry.  And wet.   “Not far, just around the corner” had been 15 minutes already!    All the village boutiques were closed, so I couldn’t even pop in and out of shops to keep my spirits up.     Just when I was about to share some choice words with my husband, I saw them in the boutique window.

I stopped walking and said, “I want those.”  I don’t remember saying that, but my daughter told me later that I had.  She said I splayed my fingers on the window, pressed my nose against the glass and said, “I want those.” All I remember is momentary heartache because all the shops were closed, then soaring hope as I saw two people inside the shop,  and finally elation as I turned the door handle and yes, the shop was open!    I asked for them, tried them on and was at the cash register paying before my husband even realized that I was missing from the street.    The entire transaction took about 2 minutes.   Sometimes I know what I want and I get it, just like that.   I love these shoes and wear them all the time.

Have you made a recent purchase like that?  Something you fell in love with and bought right away?

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