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I Will Never Outgrow…

*This post was inspired by the June issue of O Magazine, which asked readers: What’s the one thing you will never outgrow?

I am a grown woman with the wisdom (and bills) that come along with that.   You couldn’t pay me money to be 16 or even 25 again.  But in spite of my grown-up life, I have a young spirit and that will never change.


Roller coasters.

Being silly and laughing uncontrollably.

Funky gym shoes.  My inclination to wear Converse forever was confirmed when I saw a woman in Paris with high-top black Converse, rolled up jeans, a black blazer and a Hermés scarf tied around her head.  She was 60 if she was a day and she was fierce.  I thought, “and that’s why I want to move to Paris.”

Adventure.  Bring it on!

Learning.  I’m not afraid of looking inept until I get it right.  The only failure there is, is in not trying to grow.

Blue nail polish.  Or yellow or neon pink.  The more colorful, the better.

Making s’mores.

Dancing and singing out loud.  My daughter has reached the age where she is easily embarrassed by my moves and vocals down the Whole Foods aisle, but my son has reached the age of resignation.  Let’s hope my daughter reaches that place quickly because I feel for her right now.  God help her if Love Shack comes on when we’re out because in my head I’m a member of the B-52’s, so I simply must perform.  Poor child, her mom is crazy and so inappropriate sometimes!

Tattoos.  I only have one, but think about getting another one all the time.   I have to get it in a spot that doesn’t age – that’s the key.

My dad calling me Sam.  That is not my name, nor a derivative of my name in any way, but he’s called me that since I was a child.

Disney World.  The minute I enter the gates and put on mouse ears I am giddy with excitement.  It’s truly a magical place.

I will never outgrow http://iamsherrelle.com

“Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional.” – Walt Disney

What is the one thing that you will you never outgrow?


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  • OK…my birthday was a few weeks ago and I was resigned to getting another tattoo on that day. Well, it didn’t happen because I really wanted someone to go with me (hubby wouldn’t go). I’ve been researching tattoo parlors around Atlanta all month. So I propose we go together and vlog about it! How about “FunkiDivaGirl and KrystalGrant Get Inked! The adventures of two funky bloggers.” How about that? Let me know when you’re ready! I’ll get my camera ready.

    • Krystal, I have a friend who has many tattoos and they are very good – I will ask him for a recommendation. And your suggestion about us “getting inked” and vlogging about it is fantastic! My biggest problem is what to get….I have no idea. And where to get it. Do you know that it hurts? Like for real, for real.

  • Girl, when I told you I love you in Target this is why! ( not in a stalker obsessive way kind of love) LOL…But you remind me of me in so many ways! From singing out loud in stores, car, home, it doesnt matter and Love Shack is the jam….I use to jam to that when I was in middle school and other kids looked at me like I was crazy….they didnt get it…lol…remember Rupaul was in that video…I have on my neon pink nail polish now and I love being silly with my family….I love roller coasters too. I love carnivals too and my sister frown at me like for real are you seriously that excited about this. And Iam so looking forward to the Atlanta Farris Wheel downtown..lol…..Oh, and Im pretty sure I get more excited about Disney World than my kids! lol….

    • Tin roof – rusted! :-). How can you listen to Love Shack and NOT dance? I hope that you are having a fun, laugh-out loud summer!


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