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How To Keep Your Jeans Looking New

The 80’s called and they want those washed out, tired looking jeans back!  That’s what I want to say to people.  And I do…in my head.  Except to my father – I said that to his face.  Then I bought him a new pair of Levi’s for his birthday.  My mother was so very grateful.  After you’ve thrown away the 80’s jeans (or forced by loved ones, as in my father’s case) and bought a new pair, how do you keep those jeans looking new?

I know many people who keep the color in their jeans by not washing them.  Ever.   I just can’t do that!  While jeans may not show dirt, they do come into contact with germs and bacteria and, um, you wear them on your BUTT.  So….if you never wash them, guess what your jeans smell like?  That’s right – BUTT.

Jeans are a staple in my wardrobe.  Unless I’m wearing a dress, I’m wearing a pair of jeans.  I have my everyday-on-sale-for-$40 Gap Always Skinny jeans and I have premium jeans; my favorite brands are J Brand, Citizens of Humanity and rag & bone.   If the jeans cost just $40 or over $100, I want to keep them looking like new as long as possible.  So I have a system for wearing my jeans, keeping them smelling fresh, and making the color last.

  1. I use Woolite Extra Dark Care to wash my jeans and I don’t put any other clothes in the same load.

  2.  I use the delicate cycle on my washing machine.

  3.  I hang dry.  Well, I’m lying about that one because I’m too impatient, but I really should hang dry.  I do set the dryer on the lowest setting possible.

  4. I wear my jeans 3-4 times before washing them.  I have a method to keep track: each time I wear a pair of  jeans, I put a binder clip on that hanger.  When the hanger has 3 or 4 clips, it’s time to wash them.  Also, I alternate pairs, never wearing the same pair 2 days in a row.   I wear the Gap jeans just kicking it around the house or picking the kid up from school and save the premium jeans for when I am out in the world.

  5. HOWEVER – and this is important to keep them smelling fresh in between wears – I use Febreeze after each and every wear, spraying them inside and out.  Then I let them dry before putting them back on the hanger.

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How to keep your jeans looking new. - Sherrelle

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  • Wow with the binder clips. That’s brilliant! And I’ve long been curious if that Woolite stuff really works. Glad to read this review, because I think I’ll try some now. Thanks for the tips!

  • Fabulous tips…I need to take better care of my denim! Thanks so much for linking up to Monday Mingle!

  • SO smart. love this!!


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