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Two Great Books For Dog Lovers

I’m a dog person.  I love dogs the way that some people love babies (babies are not nearly as interesting as dogs).  I love looking at dogs, playing with dogs and reading about dogs.  Recently I found two perfect books for dog lovers.

I love France as much as I love dogs so The French Dog by Rachael Hale is a delight.  The photography is so beautiful that I keep it on my coffee table.  The dog lover in your life will enjoy pouring over this book and dreaming of a trip to France where the dogs live la belle vie.

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In particular I love my dog; I always say that he is my favorite person.   He’s a person wearing a fur onsie who happens to lick his butt.  No judgement there; we all have our quirks.  My dog and I, we’re like this and I can read his mind.  I am certain that he could have written these poems, had he access to a computer.  I keep it out of his reach because he’s really smart and really mischievous and wouldn’t hesitate to write a juicy tell-all book just to blackmail me for exclusive rights to my bed.  I bought this book the other day while shopping for others, but decided that it was the perfect gift for myself.  I have taken to reading the poems from I Could Chew On This by Francesco Marciuliano out loud to my family, but can barely finish because I’m laughing so hard.

Here’s an excerpt:


I wag my tail

I tilt my head

I give a little wink

I flash my smile

I show my belly

I give a little lick

I do it all

From sit to speak

To attract women far and near

Then you chime in

With something about “fan fiction”

And I realize we’re going to die alone

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Okay here’s one more – I can’t take it!



When I’m running on the beach

The warm wind in my face

The cool water at my paws

The bright sun shining on us all

I’ll stop for a moment

Look out at the brilliant blue ocean

And think

“Have I really eaten the same exact dinner

For eight years straight?”


Trust me, the dog lovers in your life will love these books.  Or just forget everyone else and buy the books for yourself!

2 great books for dog lovers. - Sherrelle

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