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How I Found A Stylish Laptop Bag

A few months ago I caught up with the new millennium and bought a Macbook Pro. I love it; it’s so much lighter and faster than my previous Macbook.  That dinosaur was so old that I couldn’t update it anymore and it was so heavy that I only used it at home.  With my shiny new Macbook Pro I was ready to join the hipster coffeeshop writers, except for one problem: I didn’t own a laptop bag.   So I searched.  And searched.  While I found plenty of bags, I couldn’t find a stylish laptop bag and yeah style was just as important as function.  While I continued the search I carried my laptop in a tote.  Not ideal at all.

Unwilling to settle for a purely functional laptop bag, I consulted my friend Natasha of Style 911s; she could help me find the perfect laptop bag.  Natasha is stylish and has impeccable taste, so I trusted her aesthetic.   She confessed that it would be a difficult task because stylish laptop bags were definitely not easy to find, but she was up for the challenge.  She asked me a few questions to understand my needs.

We determined these were the qualities that I wanted in a laptop bag:

  • a strap
  • good quality material
  • stylish – sleek and modern (no messenger bags)
  • versatile – nice enough to be taken seriously, but appropriate for everyday use as well
  • small – big enough to carry a 13″ Macbook Pro and plug, but not much else
  • pockets were a bonus

It was a difficult search, but Natasha used all her resources to find a solution to my problem.  She sent me a document with several choices in three categories, Affordable, Intermediate and Investment.   I obsessed and reviewed the choices until I finally narrowed it down to one laptop bag: Knomo Reeves Slim Brief.  While it was a bit more than I had planned to spend, Knomo is a quality brand and this bag is classic; I will keep it forever.

Knomo stylish laptop bag - with strap

Knomo stylish laptop bag - inside

The leather is like butter and the size is perfect; it is small and sleek yet comfortably fits my Macbook Pro and plug.  It even has a few pockets for pen, paper and cell phone.  I love that it has both handles and a removable strap.  And most important of all, it is a stylish.

I feel pretty good when I carry this bag – professional, stylish and smart, ready to join the cool kids coffeeshop clique.


Style 911s is a service that helps with quick style recommendations for people on the move.  Think of it as your own mobile style concierge. At a loss for things to wear for a specific occasion?  No luck finding that right something?  Clueless where to start?  Send your requests to

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Stylish Laptop Bag


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