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TAP IN Wellness Journal Coming Soon

If there is a book you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, you must be the one to write it.

Toni Morrison

IT’S REALLY HAPPENING! For several months I have been working on a big project and GOOD LORD it’s almost done! The journal that I wanted to use hadn’t been created yet, so I did it myself. Oh, but if only it was that simple.

I foolishly thought that I would write, design, print, and get the journal to market in 6 weeks. I guess I could have, except If you know me, you know that I don’t anything half-way. Every detail was researched, planned, and attended to the most minute detail.  I believe in complete excellence in every area of my life, so if I was going to do this thing, I was going to do it all the way. Offset printing, linen cloth cover, premium paper – this journal was going to be as beautiful as it was useful. 

TAP IN: A Daily Practice for a More Creative, Focused and Joyful Life

I wrote the text and roughly designed the cover and inside myself – every daily prompt question, every guided mindfulness challenge (download a sample PDF below ☟), every yoga pose – then hired a professional book designer to execute, because it’s got to look beautiful. This required more than 20 rounds of back and forth. I am both a dream and a nightmare to work with, I’m sure. I know what I like and what looks good and I’m a stickler for detail. “That font needs to be 2 points bigger, move this here and that there” – this is me 🙄. I sourced 182 quotes and fact-checked them all, again, and again. I am now a fountain of wisdom. 

I researched, vetted and communicated with many printers around the world – not knowing a damn thing about printing a book. But I learned, and fast. Do you know that paper comes in different weights and many shades of white, almost indistinguishable from each other? And that the little cloth things on tops and bottoms of book bindings are called head and tail bands and they come in many colors? The same with ribbon bookmarks, they are every color in the world. So. Many. Decisions. You don’t know what fun is until you’ve researched cardboard shipping boxes for six hours.

Along the way, I decided to create my own publishing company, so if writer, designer, and creator was not enough work, let’s just throw in legal and tax research, formal filings, and a hard crash course in all the components of the book publishing world. The bar code on the back of books, with the ISBN number? They don’t magically appear there, someone makes that happen. Oh wait, that’s me! Don’t forget about branding and marketing. I am the director and the only member of those departments too. IT IS SO MUCH WORK – but I deeply believe in this journal. I can’t wait to launch this gorgeous and life-changing journal into the world. 

But more importantly, I can’t wait to give away journals. The real heart and mission of the TAP IN wellness journal is TAP IN Give Out. Each purchase of a TAP IN journal helps to support wellness and healthy living in under-resourced communities. When I was banging my head on my desk, frustrated at yet another snag with the printer or website designer, every time I took three steps back to go one step forward, I remembered all the people that I want help. I am a passionate advocate for wellness and mental health.

It’s coming soon!

Very soon a plane will fly across the world, a truck will pull up to my house and boxes of books will live under my dining table. My house is going to look like a warehouse, but I’M SO EXCITED!  I’ve seen a proof and WOW, it’s beautiful. It’s everything.

I can’t wait for you to buy a journal. Not just because you support me, but because it’s really good and it’s going to make a difference in your life and the lives of others. I’m confident that you will love it and tell your friends and community groups to purchase one too.

I will post again when the journal is here and the website is live, but in the meantime, follow @tapinjounal on Instagram or Facebook or sign up for email updates on tapinjournal.com.  For a sneak peek, you can download a printable PDF, TAP IN 5 Day Mindfulness Challenge (or if you’re already a subscriber, it’s in the password-protected library).

Today is a good day.

TAP IN 5 day mindfulness challenge

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