A recipe for bulletproof matcha latte.

How To Make A Bulletproof Matcha Latte

Matcha, matcha, matcha!  I’ve been drinking matcha tea for many years and it’s about time that the rest of the world is catching on to this wonder beverage!  It’s not that hard to find matcha on a coffee shop menu anymore.  Unfortunately many times the matcha used in commercial coffee shops is full of sugar (I’m looking at you Starbucks) and I would venture to say that they don’t use the best quality matcha powder. I’m spoiled by my homemade bulletproof matcha latte – which is far superior than anything that I can order at a cafe.

I have been a member of the crossfit/kettlebell community for many years.  This is where I first learned about eating Paleo, biohacking and superfoods.  Years later these buzz words have finally entered the mainstream lexicon and everyone has jumped on the gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free bandwagon.  Most of us educated about nutrition now know that “fat” is not a bad word and a bulletproof coffee with added fat (usually  in the form of butter or ghee) and MCT oil can be bought at many a coffee shop whereas just a few short years ago it was only made at home by a niche group.   I wanted to be one of those people but while I understood the health benefits of a bulletproof coffee, I don’t drink coffee.  Never have, never will.  I don’t like the taste and the caffeine makes me jittery.

So when I discovered that I can combine my beloved matcha and all it’s awesome health benefits with the ingredients of a bulletproof coffee it was a chocolate/peanut butter Reese collision of greatness  – a bulletproof matcha latte!

Just why is a bulletproof matcha latte so great? There are far better sources to provide you with the scientific facts but here’s a quick primer:

Matcha Powder

Made from the whole tea leaf, matcha powder is packed with antioxidants.  In fact it has 137 times more antioxidants than regular brewed green tea and 1,000 times more than gojiberries, pomegranates, blueberries or acaiberries.  Richer in L-Theanine than most black or green teas, matcha powder simultaneously calms the mind yet also provides energy – but not the nervous energy found in coffee.  Instead it’s an alert calm energy that enhances mood and aids in concentration.  High in EGCC it is believed to have cancer-fighting effects on the body.  It also boosts metabolism and helps burn calories.

Raw Cacao Butter

Raw cacao butter is a superfood.  It has antioxidants that protect your cells from the damage of free radicals, boosts your mood and brain function, protects your heart and regulates insulin levels.


MCT – or medium chain triglycerides – is a healthy form of dietary fat.  It helps suppress hunger and boosts metabolism.  MCT is absorbed quickly into the body for increased energy, endurance and brain power.


Collagen in our bodies provides structure to our skin, hair, bones, muscles and connective tissues but as we age our bodies produce less of it.  Adding collagen protein powder to my morning latte helps with skin moisture and elasticity – essential for glowing and vibrant skin.  It also strengthens joints, bones and promotes healthy digestion.

That all sounds super healthy and beneficial to our bodies in so many ways, right?  That might be enough reason for some, but honestly I wouldn’t drink a bulletproof matcha latte if it wasn’t also delicious.  It’s creamy and rich and makes me happy.  I’m truly addicted – in a good way.

How To Make A Bulletproof Matcha Latte

*You can also download a printable PDF of this recipe below.

1 teaspoon matcha powder

1 tablespoon raw cacao butter

1 scoop MCT powder

1 scoop collagen protein powder

4 oz almond milk

6 oz water

Heat the water.  Heat the almond milk.  Mix together in a blender safe for hot liquid: water, almond milk, matcha, cacao butter, MCT powder.   Add the collagen and blend again for a few seconds.

The ingredients needed to make a bulletproof matcha latte.


*I heat the almond milk in a measuring cup in the microwave for 1 minute.

*The properties of collagen are broken down if you blend too long  – that’s why you add it last.  There are many brands of collagen powder on the market – just use one with pure ingredients.  I use Bulletproof.

*You can use MCT oil instead of powder but I find that the powder blends nicely.  I use Perfect Keto.

*Play around with the ratio of water to almond milk that works best for you.  

*Try to find almond milk with the least ingredients – preferably just almonds and water.  It’s easy to make your own almond milk.  You can also use coconut milk instead.  Or a blend of both.

*As you can  see, I don’t add any form of sugar because I have conquered the sugar dragon and I don’t miss it.  In fact now I get ill if I eat or drink too much sugar.  If you need to, you can add a few drops of stevia or some other form of non-refined sugar.   But try it a few times without any form of sweetener – and for health’s sake make it a mission to slay your own sugar dragon.

*The quality of matcha powder matters a great deal.   A good quality matcha powder is bright green in color and smooth in texture.  After some trial and error I have found that DoMatcha is of good quality without being crazy expensive.  Trust me –  you will not like the taste of cheap matcha; don’t settle.

*Blending takes away some heat, so I put it all back in the glass cup and heat again for 35 seconds in the microwave.  Then I pour into my pink Yeti mug and my bulletproof matcha latte stays hot while I sip for over an hour.



A bulletproof matcha latte in a glass cup by the fireplace.

How to make a bulletproof matcha latte at home.

P.S. You might want to learn how to make a homemade chai latte as well.


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  • Where is collagen from? Is it vegan? And if it is where do you get it from? Thank you

    • Hi Cristina, No, collagen is not vegan (it’s an animal product). I buy it from Whole Foods. If you are vegan perhaps there is a similar product that delivers the same benefits? Good luck!

      • Question, you say to buy Wild Cacao but the link takes me to Wild Cocoa… but they aren’t the same thing so I guess I’m confused as to which you actually use.

        • Hi Britta – good catch! I like to use cacao (Bulletproof) but that has been proven hard to find, so in its place I use Wild Cocoa (butter). Either one is fine! But yes, I can see how this is confusing. In general, any kind of fat is what you want to use.


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