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I’m Digging “How To Be Black” by Baratunde Thurston

This dude, Baratunde Thurston is awesome.  Funny as hell, smarter than a 5th grader and bold enough to say what the rest of us are thinking.  Qualities that I like in an author.  Actually I’ve never met him (yet…you know there is like 1 degree of separation between all black people in the world, true fact, so this only a matter of time), but I would imagine that we would get along just swell, laughing and slamming back beers while munching on hot Cheetos, talking and pontificating about all those around us, including ourselves.   (Minus the beer and hot Cheetos – you know I don’t get down like that.   More like a glass of unsweet tea and some kale chips, but the sentiment is the same.)

I read his book How To Be Black while on vacation in Hawaii (I know! I know!  I still have to blog about that!) and couldn’t put it down until I finished.  It’s an absolutely brilliant book!

How To Be Black - Sherrelle

My husband had been telling me to read it because he knew I would enjoy it, but in spite of my best intentions it set on my bedside for awhile.  However when I saw this video of my husband (see, 1 degree of separation) interviewing Baratunde, I just had to read the book.  It’s a long video, but when you have a moment, it’s worth your time.  It’s definitely more entertaining than your favorite reality TV show, so put down the remote and watch this instead.  And then go buy the book.

Never again will I eat watermelon in public the same.

*If you are in Atlanta, go see Baratunde at Decatur Book Festival on Saturday, September 1st at 10:00 a.m.  If you live on planet earth, go buy the book and read it.  


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  • After reading the book, I only want to ask when you will be starting The Funkidivagirl Book Club?

    Book was a 10 and I love the title because it totally throws people off!!

  • WOW!! One day I will be able to sit and fully grasp how this has changed my life. For now I need to see if I can download this book and read as much of it as possible in 5 hours before I can meet the author!


    • Let me know how you like the book and if you met Baratunde. Tell him I sent you!


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