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AllSaints – New At Bloomingdale’s

Like many mothers, I feel that the first day Back To School deserves a celebration – for me.  A day to celebrate with some much-needed Me Time before I get back to the grind.

So I walked my daughter into class, took photos, had coffee with other parents, took the dog to daycare and went to the mall.  I had a gift card to Anthropologie and was excited to shop the store alone.  ALONE.  What a nice sounding word!  Hear it echo through the empty house?

My next stop was Bloomingdale’s; I figured that summer shoes would be on sale and I was right.  The sale was crazy; shoes on clearance and then marked down another 40%!   After taking my time in the shoe boutique – because I was ALONE, remember? – I strolled over to women’s clothes; I figured that the sale would be happening there as well.  There was nothing good on sale, but a new clothing section grabbed my attention.

I had never seen these clothes before, or anything like them at Bloomingdale’s!  And it wasn’t a rack or two of clothes, it was an entire in-store boutique.  The decor matched the clothes; both were visually stunning.  Quizzically I turned to the salesperson and she confirmed that this was a new addition to Bloomingdale’s, called AllSaints.

A 10 year-old UK-based brand, AllSaints Spitalfields entered the US market about a year ago within Bloomingdale’s 59th St. store.  Since then they have opened free-standing stores in Los Angeles, Miami and NYC’s SoHo as well as several more in-store Bloomingdale’s boutiques.  The one in Atlanta had only been open a few weeks when I discovered it.

Someone on Yelp described the clothes as “boho-chic meets Mad Max.”   I don’t think they meant it as a compliment, but still it’s pretty accurate.   I love the look; it’s so me.  With uneven hemlines, asymmetrical shapes, lots of leather, mostly black and earth tones, the clothes are at once both modern and vintage-inspired.   The leather jackets are incredible; I’m saving my pennies to buy one.  Or maybe if my husband reads this post he can get a hint for a Christmas present.  Either way, I have found my new favorite place to shop!

(This post includes affiliate links of the brands and similar items that I have pictured.  If you click on the links I may earn a small commission, but all of the items were purchased by me.  Thank you for supporting Sherrelle.)


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  • All Saints is unlike any other clothing line.
    Everytime I wear something from “All Saints” it is an eyestopper and definitely in a class of its own.
    My closet is becoming filled with the clothing line!

  • I love the shirt you purchased! The top hat sounds like it would slay ’em! Can’t wait to see the pics!

  • You have such a fabulous sense of style. I need you to come be my personal shopper, m’kay? 😉

    Oh, and you do plan on posting a picture of the completed outfit, right? {Top hat optional of course}.

    • Oh yes, I plan to wear the outfit at Blogalicious and will post pics. Now to find a top hat….

  • Gorgeous shirt. The clothes are different and eye catching. I will check it out.

  • Oh. Dip.
    These are ADORABLE!!!!!
    Okay, I’m going to TRY not to cop the same shirt, but I can’t guarantee… That gray dress is Mine, Mine, MINE!!!!
    thanks for sharing it… (off to Bloomingdales…)

    • Denene, I can totally see you wearing AllSaints! Better take a detour by the shoe department after buying a dress….the sale is incredible.

  • I see no PINK i cant! lol Looks like a nice store!

    • Nope Tami, no pink! I get my pink from Betsy Johnson….that’s my Girly side. AllSaints is my rocker-chick side!


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