• I’d like to think that Im organized but you are truely organized to a T. LOL….I use bags like those too but not for EVERY single thing….just my feminine products and make up. My one pen is in the loops of the notepad, my earbuds are wrapped up and thrown in the purse/bag,my gum is not in its own bag either, LOL….I was just telling my hubby today that I need a nice slinder bag for my coupons cause they are in the folds of my notebook (not so neat or organized) and then theres the wallet! I think I covered it all but clearly I get a lot of organizing tips from you.
    Thanks Hon.

    • I JUST got this organized in my purse and after using it now for a couple of weeks, I can tell you, I LOVE IT. No more digging around in my purse! And because they are all different colors and sizes, I can find the bag I need very easily.


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